Intercollegiate Psychedelic Network

The Intercollegiate Psychedelics Network (IPN) is a student run umbrella organization that supports collegiate psychedelic student groups and intercollegiate efforts. We strive to support collaboration among college students and envision an academic community that inspires a philosophically motivated and scientifically rigorous study of psychedelics, and more broadly, consciousness; we hope through our work to encourage public awareness of the science, policy, and clinical applications of psychedelics and related substances.

IPN strives to be distributed, non-hierarchical, non-domineering, and non-dogmatic; we are connected by foundational principles of radical transparency, mindful presence, iterative growth, commitment to ethics, and boundless love. We do not know all the answers and do not assume our current approach is the “one true approach.” Rather, we strive to adapt and integrate opinions from the public, from the experts, and from collegiate institutions, and grow together in the spirit of co-creation. We are always open to ideas, suggestions, and criticisms – we believe if we are thoughtful and proceed with cautious optimism, we can co-create a more connected and blissful future.


  • support member organizations, according to the needs of the member organization
  • foster meaningful relationships based on the principles of respect, education, compassion, spiritual growth, emotional wellness, and psychological self-intimacy
  • encourage a more nuanced public discourse about the science of psychedelics
  • establish rigorous research trials at member universities
  • further drug decriminalization efforts in service of furthering responsible psychedelics research and dismantling the Drug War’s harmful systemic effects
  • cultivate mentorship between and amongst students and professionals

Code of Ethics

  • IPN does not facilitate the creation, distribution, or ingestion of psychedelic substances where it is unlawful
  • The top goal of IPN is is to foster collaboration among students and researchers for the advancement of psychedelic science
  • We respect the right of each member to make their own decisions about the use of psychedelics
  • We will advocate that, if students do partake in the ingestion of psychedelics, that it is done under empirically-optimal and psychologically-optimal conditions, and where it is lawful
  • We strive to bring students together and create a transparent culture around psychedelics and their effects on our lives
  • We will recognize the negative effects of the use of psychedelics, as well as causes for such negative effects
  • IPN recognizes the depth to which we are all equal, and does not discriminate based on ability, orientation, experience, gender, race, culture, age, or any other demographic variable
  • IPN recognizes its fallibility of understanding and strives to be open to any and all concerns, and to work with those concerns to become a more fully inclusive institution

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

The therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs is experiencing a resurgence. Studies are finding psychedelic therapy could reverse debilitating effects of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Psychedelic Retreats

Psychedelic retreats are ceremonial, group experiences that allow you to take measured doses of psychedelic plants or fungi in a safe and secure environment that facilitate personal connections with nature. Retreats may work with shamans — Indigenous people trained in plant or fungi medicines — or more modern therapists and licensed practitioners helming the ceremonies.

“Access to the interior universe”

Alexander Shulgin


The potential of the psychedelic drugs to provide access to the interior universe, is, I believe, their most valuable property.

“Great awe and respect”

Stanislav Grof


After having personally conducted over the last fifty years more than four thousand psychedelic sessions, I have developed great awe and respect for these compounds and their enormous potential, both positive and negative. They are powerful tools and, like any tool, they can be used skillfully, ineptly, or destructively. The result will be critically dependent on the set and setting.

“You are the medicine”

Maria Sabina


Be smarter every day by listening to your intuition, looking at the world with your forehead. Jump, dance, sing, so that you live happier. Heal yourself, with beautiful love and always remember…You are the medicine.