A Youth Organization Promoting Psychedelic Leadership

We are a youth-led organization that fosters the development of students and youth into the next generation of diverse and interdisciplinary leaders in the field of psychedelics. We envision a just, empathetic, and connected world where psychedelics are safe, legal, and accessible.

Principles & Values

Principles are context-independent, self-evident ethical truths that serve as the basis of our values in the psychedelic space. Our principles are adapted from the Northstar Ethics Pledge


  1. Start Within: We lead by centering the culture of the network around personal growth and wellness.
  2. Build Trust: Trust is the fabric that holds together a network and supports meaningful change.
  3. Pay It Forward: We have inherited the psychedelic field from many individuals who devoted their lives to this work, as a labor of love and for the benefit of all, and often with great personal sacrifice. As beneficiaries of this work, we can show our gratitude by giving back to help the whole field move forward.
  4. Study The Traditions: The present is the product of a complicated history. We must understand the past to envision and enact a better future.
  5. Consider The Gravity: We must consider how our choices affect not only ourselves, but also other individuals, communities, and the psychedelic space at large.
  6. Work Together: We are connected across generations. We are connected with nature. There is inherent connectivity in everything, and we aim to act and respond accordingly.
  7. Focus On Process: It is tempting to put ends over means when it comes to making a positive impact. We recognize that how we do something is just as important as what we do.
  8. Create Equity: We want a world that works for everyone. Right now, that’s not the case. We should look for ways to bring about that goal.
  9. Lead With Transparency: Transparency facilitates shared understanding and unity.